Transparency & Integrity

We uphold high ethical standards and regulations defined by our supervisor CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission).

Competence & Resilience

We invest alongside our investors and proactively pursue their goals, matching capital with investment opportunities.

Stability & Performance

We strive to set the industry standard, building strategic long-term value for our investors.

We’re a registered Venture Capital Firm, managed by a Team with vast experience in Fund Administration and Asset Management.

Located in Lisbon – PORTUGAL, the fastest growing Innovation Hub in the European Union, providing a world-class platform connecting international markets from Americas to East Asia, we are fully regulated and supervised by Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), ensuring full Transparency, Integrity and Independence !

Our Strategy is founded on the establishment of a consistent relationship with investors, providing a high level of Trust, Transparency as well as a Genuine Partnership with management teams, in order to assure total alignment of interest and strong performance incentives.


Portugal is a strategic gateway to and from the European, American and African continents and nearshore location in the same time zone as the UK. Portugal is a founding member of the EURO currency and a Member State of the Schengen Area.

Portuguese is the 4th most widely spoken language in the world (261 million speakers) and has privileged access to:

500 Million European consumers
◽ 260 Million consumers (Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique)
◽ USA and Canada, to which Portugal is the nearest European country
◽ # 13th out of 137 country in Infrastructure and Transport Routes 
◽ #   8th in Quality of Roads Infrastructure
◽ # 25th in Quality of Ports Infrastructure
◽ # 31st in Quality of Railroad Infrastructure

◽ # 29th in Quality of Air Transport Infrastructure                                        (daily direct flights from Lisbon  to 110 major cities in the World)

◽ #  1st out of 190 countries in Trading across Borders                                (Source: Doing Business Report 2018, World Bank)
◽ #  6th out of 137 countries in Trade tariffs % duty                            (Source: The Global Competitiveness Report 2017–2018, WEF)

Also, Portugal puts a high value on Education. The result of this Investment is a well-prepared and multilingual population, who embraces change and innovation. In addition, the operating costs in Portugal are one of the lowest in Europe, without compromising quality standards and level of service.


Fund Administration

We provide our investors an Investment FUND solution set of activities that are carried out in support of the actual process of Asset Management and ensure full compliance with the legal regulation and best practices, namely:

  • Fund prospectus and marketing documentation
  • Monitoring investment compliance, prospectus, Revenue Code restrictions
  • Supervision of the fund’s financial performance, including calculation of the net asset value (“NAV”)
  • Full Reporting to shareholders

Asset Management

Our business operate within a number of industries including infrastructures, agro, manufacturing, renewable energies, high-tech and real estate services. In addition to acquisitions, we are able to invest in attractive businesses through private equity opportunities, by providing financing towards capitalization and activity expansion.

We create value for investors through cash flow generation, making operational improvements to our businesses, and monetizing at the right time. Investors can participate in the growth of our large-scale industrial and services businesses through our private funds or contracting our Team’s management expertise and support.


Investment Advisory

When Clients prefer to manage their Assets themselves, we can offer independent sourcing, opportunity analysis, expert advise and implementation across all Asset segments.

We work closely to our clients so that we can understand and absorb their inputs and investment goals, in order to design and execute a personalized investment strategy, provide opportunities due diligence and selection and/or re-balancing portfolio allocation, as well as assuring tax efficiency and monitoring performance.

The team

Duarte Costa

Founder and Managing Director, Duarte has a 20 years experience in the Asset Management Industry, with high level positions in the financial area and operations of several portuguese and african mid-caps, along with M&A and Turn-Over situations, namely in the Distribution and Real Estate sectors. 

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Responsible for Sourcing & Investor Relations, Duarte accumulated an international network that assures a consistent investment opportunities pipeline as well as managing fundraising processes towards a successful investment strategy implementation.

Duarte has a degree in Management from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (ISEG) and a MSc in E-Management and Finance from INDEG-ISCTE. Duarte also holds a Post-Graduation in Real Estate Management and Evaluation (ISEG).

Paulo Gomes

Head of the Investment Team and Asset Management, Paulo has more than 15 years experience in MBOs and Projects Team leadership in a vast range of Industries, specially regarding to business expansion and internationalization projects of several portuguese economic groups.

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Paulo has a degree in Management and Finance from Universidade de Coimbra and a MSc in Project Management from INDEG-ISCTE.

Jorge Bastos

Head of Operations and Compliance of GROSVENOR House of Investments, Jorge is responsible for the legal monitoring of all funds under management, as well as for the Compliance Department. 

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With a large scope of expertise, we act with a broad range of international Partners, helping clients with their Portfolio and Investment Vehicles setting up as well as Investment Strategy implementation. We also commit and work along with experienced local Teams and Funds through Co-Investment and shared Asset Management.


Avenida da Liberdade, 129-B,
1250-140 Lisbon | PORTUGAL 

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