Grosvenor House of Investments proudly joins EVPA – European Venture Philanthropy Association

Grosvenor has proudly just joined EVPA – European Venture Philanthropy Association, pursuing the major worldwide partners in the Impact and Sustainable areas. 

Along with JP Morgan, Incofin and Phenix Capital, Grosvenor joins a broad and diverse community that covers a full range of Venture philanthropy and Social investment activities. With more than 320 members from over 30 countries, it has been building a community of organisations interested in or practising venture philanthropy and social investment since 2004.

The impact ecosystem includes all types of capital and service providers. It goes from traditional philanthropy (included) to sustainable and responsible investing (excluded), and in-between, EVPA has identified two main “impact strategies”: investing for impact and investing with impact. Within these two approaches, and depending on the business model of the investee, investors can do highly-engaged grant-makingsocial investment and/or impact investing. (Learn more about it at

Grosvenor is truly honoured to be part of this community and wishes to participate and contribute for the Impact Investments growth.

As we believe that Investing is a Way of Living but Impact Investing is the right one.

EVPA – European Venture Philanthropy Association